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Airline Ticket Auctions

Why would a New Yorker, a Californian, and a Minnesotan all want the same exact airline ticket? SkyAuction's airfare auctions allow for great flexibility!

Many of SkyAuction's airfare auctions let you choose from multiple departure cities and multiple destination cities.

Sometimes the airline is identified as a major carrier. This means that the offer is from a major airline that prefers not to be identified, since SkyAuction is selling the air at such a low price.

Sometimes the airline is identified as a charter. Charter flights are un-scheduled flights that are generally contracted by large tour companies to add additional capacity to underserved popular destinations. Many charters are arranged by using the equipment and crews from large, well-known air carriers; however, they are not open to sale for the general public, but only to those companies who make the actual contracted arrangements.



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