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Caribbean & Bahamas

The world's leading warm weather playground features hundreds of picturesque island paradises. Coconut tree clad mountains, sandy white beaches, brilliant coral reefs, are the backdrop for the richly eclectic cultures that have arisen over the course of hundreds of years.

Dominican Republic

The 'DR' offers a everything you¿re looking for in a Caribbean vacation ¿ plenty of sandy beaches, warm Caribbean sun, and water sports galore ¿ so much so, that the Dominican Republic has become the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. We offer you many different ways¿from flights to All Inclusive packages¿to enjoy a DR vacation.

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The spiritual birthplace of Reggae beckons you to enjoy its warmth of weather and spirit! The Caribbean's largest English-speaking island invites you to lay down low. Discover Jamaica's rich history by exploring the capital of Kingston, shop in Montego Bay, or savor some down-time at one of the many postcard perfect beaches. Come see why in Jamaica, "Everything is Irie, mon!"

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Bonbini - Welcome to Aruba! Whether you love the hustle and bustle of casinos and nightlife, the shade of the divi-divi trees or the tranquility of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, Aruba will provide you with a most enjoyable Caribbean vacation. Aruba is known to have a dry climate so visitors can expect warm, sunny weather on this "happy island".

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Island hopping the 23 inhabited islands of the Bahamas provides an exciting and unique vacation. History comes alive in the once pirate controlled capital city of Nassau. Relax in the quaint, New England like villages of Fernandez Bay, Abaca, and the like. Scuba and snorkel the spectacular coral reefs or experience the glitz and glamour of Grand Bahama Island.

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Rest of Caribbean

With over 200 islands in the Caribbean, there are plenty of places to plan the perfect Caribbean getaway. Try out Trinidad, cruise to the Caymans, relax in Aruba, or discover the Virgin Islands.

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