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Auction Bid Terminology

  • Item Number: The number of the auction you are currently looking at.
  • Current Bid: The most recent bid in the auction. The current bid is the price at which the auction is currently being won at.
  • Quantity Available: The number of units available.
  • End Date: The date and time that the auction ends.
  • Email This: Hit this button and forward the auction to a friend who might be interested.
  • AuctionWatch: AuctionWatch lets you bookmark an auction to easily check its progress, regardless of whether you bid or not.
  • Bid Amount: The amount of the bid that you need to place in order to compete in the auction. The bid amount will automatically appear as $1 higher than the current winning bid price.
  • Quantity Desired: You can bid on as many of the available units as you like.
  • Yes, I Will Accept Lesser Quantity: By checking the "accept lesser quantity" box, you can remain a winner when you are "partially outbid." For example, if you bid $200 for 2 units and someone else bid $250 for 1 unit, you would win 1 unit.
  • AutoBid: AutoBid lets you set the maximum bid price you are willing to pay for an auction, then automatically increases your bid each time you're outbid.


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