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Last Minute Travel Deals

If you are looking for last minute travel deals, you'll find plenty of options at  This travel auction website gives you the opportunity to purchase or bid on flights, hotels, vacation packages, cruises and entertainment.  Whether you want to take off for the weekend, or plan a last minute vacation in the coming weeks, check out SkyAuction's wide selection of last minute travel deals.

Although there are other travel booking websites that claim to have the best prices, follows through on this promise.  If you find a better deal elsewhere, not only will they refund you the difference, but they will give you $50 in SkyCash.  SkyCash can be used on any of your future travel purchases.

SkyAuction's mission is to provide you great value for your money.  Selling the same high quality cruises, hotel accommodations and flights you find on other site: simply for less.  So when you bid on one of the last minute travel deals, you can be confident that you are getting the best value possible.

All of the auctions at start off at only $1, so it is always possible to get a good deal.  Just log in frequently and check out the current items that are up for auction.  When you find a last minute travel deal, place your bid and keep an eye on the auction.  If you have the winning bid, will contact you with all of the necessary information.

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Last Minute Travel Deal Offers:

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Item no: 3542433
Available for purchase
End Date: 6/16 8:00 PM EDT
Check in Dates: 8/17/24 - 9/28/24
Min/Max Stay: 7 nights
Buy this for: $499.99 More information
Item no: 3542357
Qty Available: 3
End Date: 6/16 11:00 PM EDT
Check in Dates: now - 9/22/24
Min/Max Stay: 7 nights
Buy this for: $499 More information
Item no: 3542404
Qty Available: 1
End Date: 6/17 1:00 PM EDT
Check in Dates: 6/21/24 - 9/22/24
Min/Max Stay: 7 nights
Minimum Bid: $300 More information